As our name implies, excitation system service is our specialty! We provide field services to the electric utility and related industries on virtually all makes and models of generator excitation systems. To experience the quality and expertise that ESS has to offer go to the Request for Service page. Also, feel free to request a customer reference list if you would like to see some of the work we have done or if you would like to talk to some of our many satisfied customers.

Routine Maintenance


Routine Maintenance (top)

The generator excitation system is a critical component in both reliable generator operation and generator and plant protection. Routine maintenance and calibration is the best means of detecting and preventing in-service failures that could result in unit trips and lengthy forced outages. ESS provides this service in a thorough and cost effective manner on larger nuclear units, small MG-Sets and everything in between. Typically it takes an ESS Engineer only a day or two to complete the inspection, cleaning, functionality check, calibration and assessment of the equipment. We always provide a thorough and hassle free service, making sure to check for known failure modes, without doing unnecessary tasks that drive up the cost.

If reliable operation of the unit is critical to your plant, don't let the excitation system be the one to get you. Fill out the information on the Request for Service page to be contacted or obtain a quote.


Troubleshooting (top)

Troubleshooting is a skill set all of its own, it requires a mixture of knowledge, experience, intelligence, and confidence. This skill set needs to encompass the generator, exciter, voltage regulator and all related plant equipment. ESS Engineers possess these qualities and have years of troubleshooting experience.

Whether you just want to discuss something with us over the phone or your need an engineer on site immediately we'll do everything we can to help, troubleshooting is the most rewarding part of our job.

Visit the Contact Us page to find out how to get a hold of us and feel free to call anytime.


Installation/Replacements (top)

At ESS we consider ourselves to be among the best unbiased and experienced resources in the industry for providing retrofit and new installation support. Replacing all or a portion of an existing excitation system can be a daunting task with a step learning curve. Fortunately you can rely on us for help with any or all of the following retrofit related tasks:

  • Equipment evaluation to determine what and if anything needs to be replaced
  • Budgetary estimations, including aux power savings estimates for static upgrades.
  • Bid specification creation
  • Unbiased evaluation of existing equipment and technologies available to determine what best suits your specific needs
  • Engineering Support
  • Project Management
  • Installation Support
  • Electrical Testing
  • Equipment Setup and Calibration
  • Commissioning and Tuning


We have provided this type of support for jobs that are too numerous to count. Our long list of installation success stories includes everything from nuclear plant main unit retrofits (in less than a 20 day outage) to large steam turbine static upgrades, small combustion turbine replacements and synchronous motor retrofits just to name a few. We have done analog system to analog system retrofits, analog to digital system retrofits; we've even converted a digital system to an analog!

Please Contact Us if you are considering a retrofit replacement or looking for a knowledgeable and experienced engineer for a new installation.

We also provide installation services and support to the major equipment manufacturers.


Upgrades (top)

Many of the excitation systems in service today have aged to the point that they are running with severely degraded and even failed components. If you would like to know what upgrades are available for your system and how they can help improve its reliable Contact Us. Some of the more common units that these upgrades exist on are the older Westinghouse units (WTA, PRX, etc.), GE Alterrex and some Basler regulators found on many emergency diesel generators.


Tuning (top)

In today's evolving power industry, system stability and voltage regulator tuning is an area with heightened exposure. ESS can provide support to evaluate, verify, document and/or tune the response of your voltage regulator and voltage regulator limiters. Contact Us for more information.